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Making special memories that last a lifetime and beyond

...and that's why we offer jewellery making experiences at The Jewellers Peg and we love what we do.

During the pandemic when we were limited to who we could be with, this for so many was the moment we realised the importance of being with those we love and create lasting memories in as many ways as we can. Life was very fast paced, pressured and frequently we simply on occasion forgot to make time for ourselves and then suddenly life as we knew it stopped, abruptly. We began to reach out in new ways to those around us, offered kindness in new ways to sometimes complete strangers.

Then we needed to look after our mental health and with so much uncertainty we needed a new focus. Slowly we began to (re)discover crafts and learnt how working with our hands is extremely satisfying and absorbing.

Now more than ever we want to share experiences with someone or discover something completely new for ourselves. And this is what almost every individual, mum and daughter, father and son or couple who has entered our workshop tell us. They wanted to gift or experience something that normally can't be accessed at home. It was important for them to create everlasting memories to talk about and recall, a physical memory that can be held with a story that can be passed on and they have loved how we can offer this in private class, in an intimate and comfortable environment. We love that and hold that close with every workshop we launch and deliver. Yes you can buy a piece of jewellery and cherish it (and we love that too!) but you can be a part of the physical making of a piece of jewellery, a part of its story that makes it unique and extra special.

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