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The Garnet and the Pomegranate: Januarys Birthstone

A beautiful gemstone for January, the Garnet derives its name from the Latin 'Garanatus' referencing the red jewel-like seeds of the Pomegranate. In Greece the Pomegranate is symbolic of strength, eternal life and good fortune and are often gifted and received for good luck, in some parts of Greece it's a tradition on New Years day to break open and serve the pomegranate. My sister gifted a pomegranate to me when I moved into my new workshop 3 years ago and still hangs to this day above my door!

This beautiful gemstone, normally associated with its deep red colour are also found in a rainbow of colours from the most common reds to purples and pinks to yellows, oranges, greens, browns and the rarest blues, is the birthstone for January and a beautiful gift, said to bring the receiver good luck, health, friendship and loyalty. Also symbolising love and passion, the Garnet is a traditional second and eighteenth wedding anniversary gift. In medieval times the Garnet was believed to protect against bad dreams, protecting both your mental and physical health. With a gemstone so full of symbolism, the garnet makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift during these uncertain times, little else could be more special than to gift and receive a piece of jewellery with a garnet to symbolise your eternal love and friendship as a token of hope and strength.

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