Handcrafted in sterling silver this beautiful and elegant Peacock feather ring, from the Peacock : Elegance Collection, is embellished with a hand set, single, round, AA light pink tourmaline.


The ring band is made from thick, hardened sterling silver.


UK Ring size in stock is: L - this size ir ready to post. Any other size will be made to order.


I can make to almost any ring size not just those listed below, so if its not listed just contact me to make an enquiry. If you don't know your ring size please request a 'diy' ring sizer (a small charge applies).


Inspired by the confident, boastful beauty and ancient tales of this magnificent creature the Peacock. I am of Greek heritage and since childhood I have often wondered at the significance of the Peacock and why it is depicted so frequently in the Greek Orthodox church. My fascination and recent research has lead me to many stories across many beliefs and civilisations around the world. Naturally, I was drawn to that of the ancient Greeks belief that the body of this glorious bird was so beautiful it was immortal and would therefore never decay. The Peacock also symbolised renewal as it sheds its feathers annually and it is believed that Hera, the Queen of the Gods, placed the all-seeing eyes on the feathers to symbolise wisdom and knowledge. 


The Peacock Feather symbolises eternal life and good fortune. 


Although this is an open ring it is not actually intended to be adjustable.  If it is necessary to adjust please do so only once and slide the ring on and off the finger. As with all adjustable rings, repeated adjustment  will inevitably weaken the ring over time causing it to break. 


All items of jewellery are crafted inhouse by Vanessa Miller in her workshop in Birmingham's historic Jewellery Quarter. All orders are carefully crafted and beautifully finished, tucked inside a box wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon and delivered to you nestled inside a recycled carton.

Did you know?
I also work to commission. I am very happy to discuss designs and ideas with you and create unique, wearable jewellery. So if you can't quite find what you are looking for then please get in touch with your commission!

Peacock feather ring with pink tourmaline

What's your UK ring size?
  • I always try my best to meet customer requests such as but not limited to, a specific ring size or stone and always aim to deliver within a specified timeframe. However with the pandemic it may be difficult to source materials and this is likely to result in a delay in getting your order to you.

    Hallmarking: some products must be hallmarked as per legislation, depending on material and weight used. I am registered with the Birmingham Assay Office who are currently offering a limited service so should your product require hallmarking please be aware there may be a delay here also.

    Rings: I have listed multiple sizes as I am able to make to order under normal circumstances, however please read the product description to see which size is made and ready to post. 

  • If the correct size is ordered it should not be necessary to adjust the rings. However, if it is necessary to adjust please do so only once and slide the ring on and off the finger. As with all adjustable rings wherever purchased from, repeated adjustment will inevitably weaken the ring over time causing it to break. 

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